About Us

The Company
ElectroSep™ is a world leading chemical engineering technology and service company. ElectroSep™ specializes in amine reclamation technology. The company utilizes electrodialysis to achieve separation of components from valuable process streams.

ElectroSep™ has provided fixed and mobile amine reclamation services since 2005. 

  • Owns a unique patented process for the removal of heat stable amine salts
  • Operates fixed and mobile reclamation units
  • Performs removal of salts from other refinery and gas processing streams including glycols
  • Does custom separations
  • Conducts custom analysis for clients to assess the viability of using electrodialysis for process separation
  • Supplies complete technical assistance for both fixed and mobile service units
  • Specializes in chemical technology research and development

ElectroSep's Guiding Principles
Taken together, ElectroSep’s vision, mission, values and code of ethics summarize our professional conduct and how the Company operates.


  • Continue as a world leading, science-driven chemical engineering technology and service company


  • Provide environmentally sustainable and highly effective technical solutions to our customers


  • Professional and personal integrity
  • Respect others and embrace diversity
  • Protect our planet

Code of Ethics

  • Put health and safety first
  • Safe guard confidential information and intellectual property
  • Respect laws and regulations
  • Be trustworthy