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Amine Reclamation Quick Easy Effective

Electrosep TruckElectroSep™ is a renowned chemical engineering technology and service company offering the most effective amine reclamation services available.

ElectroSep™ provides fixed and mobile amine reclamation service that operate our TL2™ and TL3™ processes.

Our team of dynamic and brilliant process engineers and operators are available to help you address any challenges you are facing.

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Paul Parisi
Dr. Paul Parisi, Ph.D., P.Eng., President

ElectroSep is committed to continuously improving its technology and service. It devotes a significant portion of its revenues to R&D activities. Over the past 5 years our units productivity has improved by almost 50%. Amine losses have been reduced by between 50% and 90%. Our on stream time and reliability has improved while maintaining an outstanding safety record.


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